Noether Lecturers

 Past Noether Lecturers:  

This website has the profiles of women who have taken part in the Emmy Noether Lectures, a very prestigious lecture series presented by the Association for Women in Mathematics. 

Women Scientists of the Americas

 Women Scientists of the Americas: 

This is an entire book of short biographies and interviews with influential female scientists from all over the Americas.

Fab Farms


Connect with real women working in scientific careers!  

Woman Physicist of the Month

 Woman Physicist of the Month: This is a blog maintained by the American Physical Society that highlights a different exceptional female physicist each month. 

Share the big newsNew Faces of Engineering

New Faces of Engineering: 

This site has profiles of the male and female recipients of the award for up and coming young engineers from DiscoverE.

SWE Award Recipients

SWE Award Recipients: 

Discover the profiles of many women who have received awards from the Society of Women Engineers.